Product Idea – ColorCheck

UI Design

This idea is inspired by Dribbble Colour Palette. The excellent colour scheme of an App always catches user’s attention, so I’m driven to design a “design-oriented” app. I’m inspired to combine “To-do List”, a common productivity tool in our daily life, with concept of Colour Palette.

It’s a super simple To-do list, plus user’s choice of one colour from five when adding a task. The color palette is either preset or selected from user themselves. The urgency level of a task is represented by the brightness of its colour.

Sequence of the list is purely decided by its colour (urgency level) , so that the most urgent task, namely the brightest one, is always on the top. Which means user can always face the most urgent task.

Below is the Pixel Perfect design of this app’s user interface, and it’s my first attempt on UI design. I draw the interface by Photoshop and use some freebie source such as icon or profile image. In addition, Color Palette Sample is referred to Dribbble.

ColorCheck Mockup


Mockup 1


Mockup 2




ColorCheck-Main Menu

ColorCheck-Hambergur Menu

ColorCheck-Color Selection