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The Secret Algorithm Behind Learning

如果有人说他懂“xxx”却说不出到底什么是“xxx”,那表示他其实根本没有理解。因此,诺贝尔物理学奖得主Richard Feynman提出的学习方法帮助你在学习时理解的更透彻。分为三步: 1. 试着将你“理解的”概念教给一个八岁的孩子 2. 回顾材料 3. 精简自己的表达




The famous Nobel winning physicist Richard Feynman understood the difference between “knowing something” and “knowing the name of something” and it’s one of the most important reasons for his success.

In step one, you will inevitably encounter gaps in your knowledge where you’re forgetting something important, are not able to explain it, or simply have trouble connecting an important concept. This is invaluable feedback because you’ve discovered the edge of your knowledge. Competence is knowing the limit of your abilities, and you’ve just identified one!

Instagram is finally going to make it easier to shop for the products you see in your feed


这一shopping feature的20个内测对象都是一些品牌商。Instagram目前还不像appstore内购一样强制对购买的商品抽取分成。

Initially, at least, it seems that Instagram is trying to straddle the line between wringing more value out of its network for brands and retailers and overtly commercializing your feed. Still, re-directing a person to another site to complete a purchase — especially on a mobile phone where conversion rates are already low — is a surprising decision.

Up till now, brands big and small have relied on what were effectively hacks to sell products that appear in their Instagram photos. Some would place links to products in their Instagram bios and point followers to the information in the photo caption.

Innovation guru Clayton Christensen’s new theory is meant to protect you from disruption



另一方面,对品牌方来说,小红书的用户群是怎样的群体?假设用户标签是“愿意为自己的生活品质买单,且有一定消费能力的中产阶级”,什么品牌的目标人群契合我们的用户群?让他们来雇佣“小红书”完成他们的“营销工作”?同时这样的价值对用户和品牌方双方更是共赢的,也能促进用户与小红书间的“job to be done”关系。

Customers, he says, aren’t really interested in products or services themselves but in what they do. When people have a need, that’s a job to be done; products or services are simply “hired” to solve them.

A key element of unpredictability is the customer is very unpredictable but the job is very stable over time, and that brings predictability to innovation.

The vast majority of products organized around a job to be done were discovered by chance, by customers who realized they had a job to do, and realized there’s something they had to do the job—and they talked about it, and other people said, “Oh gosh, I have that same job to do and I didn’t realize I needed this product to do that job until I happened upon it.”




现在,RadioApp也做到了。这是一款简约的Radio App。没有花哨的广告,没有乱七八糟的“猜你喜欢”。就和传统的收音机一样,简简单单的左右滑动来选取想要收听的电台。除了简约的设计之外,也支持切换AM/FM,收藏电台,收听国际电台等功能。


No one but you

I’ve seen you stumble, I’ve seen you fall 我看到了你跌跌撞撞、步履蹒跚

I’ve seen you brought down 我看到了你曾经不断沦落

Feathers and all picked yourself up 历经磨难让你重新又找回自我

For the ones that you call your best friends 因念挚友之故和美好的初衷

I know you’ve been fighting what we can’t see 我知道你经历了我们不曾看到的奋斗历程

Sometimes it takes many faces to be 有时还要面临人生的许多抉择

It takes a time and a place to be free 这需要一段时间和自由的空间

But in the end 但最终

Who would be so cruel to someone like you? 谁会对你如此狠心

No one but you 除了你自己,那还有谁

Who would make the rules for the things that you do? 谁给你制定做事的规矩

No one but you 那就是你自己

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