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Designing the new Uber App




A big redesign is daunting. There are a lot of variables and unknowns that tell you there will be potential failure down the road. But we knew that if we wanted to build for the future, we had to be comfortable taking that risk. This meant not only taking a big bet on how things look, but also re-imagining how things flow.

Uber’s original premise was simple. “Push a button, get a ride.”

So, to move past the comfort of our beginnings we decided to design the new Uber experience with a simple twist: “Start at the end.”

Programming Has Changed My Life




The reason is due to the nature of writing code. Despite all advances in AI, computers are pretty dumb. They do exactly what you tell them to do.

Talking to a computer is not like talking to a human. Computers have no opinion. They don’t care about being right or being wrong. They just do what they’re told.

The lessons I learned from programming did not stay exclusive to my career as a software developer. They carried over into all other aspects of my life.

How To Read A Self-Help Book In 90 Minutes



Especially if you, like me, read books to learn new things. Around 80% of the books on my reading list are non-fiction. And I have a simple system that I use to read more non-fiction books.

Instead, use this process to get actionable advice from books so you can immediately put your knowledge into practice. Whether you use it or not, I challenge you to think consciously about WHY you read.

The 25 Best Inventions of 2016








I Lived

I lived.

Hope when you take that jump You don’t feel the fall Hope when the water rises You built a wall Hope when the crowd screams out It’s screaming your name Hope if everybody runs You choose to stay Hope that you fall in love And it hurts so bad The only way you can know You give it all you have And I hope that you don’t suffer But take the pain… Hope when the moment comes You’ll say I…I did it all I…I did it all I owned every second that this world could give I saw so many places The things that I did Yeah, with every broken bone I swear I lived Hope that you spend your days But they all add up And when that sun goes down Hope you raise your cup Oh, oh I wish that I could witness All your joy and all your pain But until my moment comes I’ll say I…I did it all I…I did it all I owned every second that this world could give I saw so many places The things that I did Yeah, with every broken bone I swear I lived

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