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The Non-Technical Guide to Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

一则索引文。这里整理了你想要的关于Machine learning和Artificial intelligence的一切资源、新闻、领航者以及活动。授人予鱼不如授人予渔啊..文章开头就说:随便打开一个科技咨询的网站,搜索”machine learning”或“artificial intelligence”,一定找到这俩词。试了一下..还真有…

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (ML and AI) have seized Tech mindshare in a way few topics have in recent memory. A couple months ago I noticed people talking about artificial intelligence everywhere I looked. According to AI experts, everything from our jobs, to the wars we wage, to the food we eat, to the beer we drink, to the software we write will be affected.

Rather than sit here and pretend I know everything there is to know about ML and AI, I’m going to hand you the resources I use to educate myself.

Alexa, Tell Me Where You’re Going Next

对Amazon旗下Alexa产品VP Rohit Prasad的采访。Echo是Amazon智能家居语音控制终端,而Alexa则是Echo的大脑。Prasad聊到了Echo的优势,聊到了以“智能对话机器人”为主题的面向业界的挑战项目,聊到了AI在Alexa中的应用,聊到了Echo的未来,聊到了Echo的一些技术细节,还聊到了用户非常关心的隐私问题。

For instance, think about music as a domain: We have new capabilities [for] you [to be] able to search for or play a song, based on its lyrics. And lastly is the speed at which third-party skills are being built. Earlier this year we had only a few hundred, and now we are in the 5,000 range.

What’s unique about research in a company like Amazon is the combination of data, computing power, and the best minds in the world all coming together to solve a customer-facing problem.

Working on a customer-facing problem doesn’t take away the innovation — it actually accelerates innovation.

State of Startups 2016


We asked 700+ founders to answer one of the most frequently asked questions we receive: are we in a bubble? Last year 73% said we were. While this year the majority still say yes, it’s closer to a coin flip (57%), down 22% from 2015.

Though the majority of founders say we’re in a bubble, 9 out of 10 founders believe that it’s a good time to be starting a company. All aboard!

Once again, we asked founders to write in which current tech leader they admire the most and we tallied 125 names. The Tesla and SpaceX leader held firm at the top spot (23%), followed by Jeff Bezos (10%), Mark Zuckerberg (6%) and Steve Jobs (5%). The most cited female leader is Sheryl Sandberg, who clocked in at 1% overall, and 5% for female respondents.

Ev Williams: How I Keep Tech in Check

人人离不开科技,甚至过度沉溺于科技。来看看知名博客平台Medium的创办人Ev Williams如何在日常工作中利用technology来平衡生活与科技的关系。1. 深度冥想:一天20分钟的冥想,去除所有焦躁,清空心智带宽。 2. 为每周建立一个大概的日程:比如周一晚上和孩子吃饭,周二晚上固定加班,周三关掉手机工作等。 3. 高效运动:即使健身房就在办公室对面,还是太远了。因此可以靠一些App或家里的器材高效的锻炼。

I’ve spent the last 20 years breathing and building the internet. So I have a good sense for the benefits of always-available instant access and all it entails. I also have a strong appreciation for the drain being constantly connected can cause on your health and sense of well-being.


Kitchen Stories





Bad Things

Am I out of my head

Am I out of my mind?

If you only knew the bad things I like

Don’t think that I can explain it

What can I say, it’s complicated

Don’t matter what you say

Don’t matter what you do

I only wanna do bad things to you

So good, that you can’t explain it

What can I say, it’s complicated

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